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liquid hickory smoke

  • Smokey Black bean and Bacon Soup

    Smokey Black bean and Bacon Soup
    Smokey Black Bean and Bacon Soup
    (Serves 4)
    5 cups chicken broth (stock)
    2 cups black beans
    15 strips of bacon
    ½ tblsp bacon fat (liquid)
    ½ tsp chipotle pepper (a smoked jalapeno)
    ¼ tsp liquid hickory smoke
    NOTES: O.k., o.k. you do not have to add the bacon fat. (But it tastes so good in here!) You can also puree ¾ of the batch and leave some whole beans in there.


    Boil beans in the stock until tender. Add fat, chipotle and liquid smoke.
    Puree with a blender, taste!

    Adjust seasoning with a little salt if needed. Crumble the bacon into the soup and stir well. (Do not puree any further.) Bon Appetite!